For Sellers

Selling a Business or Commercial Real Estate

Naper Realty Commercial Investments assists business owners in the complex process of selling their business.  No matter what size or type of business, NRCI uses its comprehensive resources to guide sellers through the transaction.

We pride ourselves in keeping our clients up to date on the status of their business for sale.  The team at NRCI is always willing to answer any questions or listen to any comments our sellers may have.  We understand that the seller has the best knowledge of their business; therefore the seller is our most valuable resource for information on how to market their business.  We encourage sellers’ opinions and criticisms.

NRCI will begin the selling process by meeting with sellers in order to find out more about their business and to explain what NRCI has to offer, including services and marketing resources and strategies.  The next step is to perform a complimentary business valuation.  

Every business owner wants to receive the best possible price for the sale of their business.  Therefore it is essential to set an asking price for the business at a value that is reflective of the market.  From a sellers perspective, it is often helpful to place yourself in the position of a potential buyer, who is trying to get the best return on investment as possible. 

NRCI will work with the seller to determine the best possible and most logical price at which to market a business.


Marketing a Business & Commercial Real Estate

Marketing a business is a delicate process which involves skill and experience.  NRCI understands the business owners desire to keep information on their business as confidential as possible.  Therefore, we require potential buyers to complete and sign aNondisclosure & Confidentiality Agreement and Financial Information Form, to assure nondisclosure and to pre-qualify the buyer as much as possible. 

NRCI utilizes a number of channels to market businesses for sale in the most appropriate and unique manner.  Marketing resources include:  personal contacts, networking organizations, newspaper & magazine publications (both local and national) and strategic online advertising.

NRCI will work in a confidential, professional and ethical manner for the seller to find the best possible buyer for their business and participate in negotiations as much as the seller desires.